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Our equipment suits your needs

Strait-Line offers a wide array of  equipment. Ranging from Flat-Sawing, to Core Drilling, to Wall Sawing.  We also have a vast supply of hand saws that will be specifically  tailored to the customer's needs. This includes Chop Saws, Ring Saws,  and Chain Saws, Electric, Hydrolic, and Gas powered. This means we can  take care of any specific application that you might encounter. 

We offer all types of equipment

We offer full capabilities of indoor and  outdoor cutting. Whatever the situation calls for, we are capable of  getting the job done. We also have any core drilling needs ready at all  times to suit your needs. Please give us a call to talk about your  specific application. We are always ready to custom tailor any  application your job calls for. 


- Gas Powered Saws

- Indoor Flat Saws

- Gas Hand Saws

- Indoor Hand Saws

- Gas Ring Saws

- Indoor Ring Saws

- Electric Hand Saws

- Hydrolic Hand Saws

- Hydrolic Ring Saws

- Hydrolic Chain Saws

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